• Breath


    "Breath" is an architectural audio visual performance held in the historical building of Albert Long Hall at May 18th,2012 10:00 p.m.

    Architecture as a physical living creature with a secluded vivid spirit inside. Place, to be explored extraordinarily. Landscape as an unbounded canvas ... Project details

  • Dance

    ITU Dance Festival

    Live the dance the way you like! ITU Dance Festival invites you to participate great workshops of famous dancers, join movie nights, watch the shows and enjoy the parties.

    Dance ... the way you like.

    About the festival

  • Gobi


    GOBI – global opportunities in business and investment- is an international economy platform that was organized first time in 2009 in collaboration of ITU Investment Club and Oxford Investment Club. About the event

  • Grandbazaar

    Across the Urban Timewarp:


    Within the context of Landscape Project I design studio, Grandbazaar became a living urban landscape laboratory; a discovery field where experiences of the place recorded, mapped, experimented and re-presented with audio visual tools. About the exhibition

  • Limyra

    Children of Limyra

    Children of Limyra is a project to tell about archeological findings of the excavation and historical background of the ancient Lycian capital city Limyra to the children of nearby village via drama, music, art, dance workshops and other visual materials. About the workshop