• spatium

Workshopinstructor: Refik Anadol

TeamA.Karalar, B.Hamzaoglu, C.Soner, C.Sergin, D.Gezgin, E.Nardereli, E.Yazici, I.Karabulut, M.Gencer, M.Pors, S.Izgi, Y.Soylev

DateMay 13, 2011

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Aesthetics of failure. Disruption of dimension, magnitude and quantity in the timeless gap. Delicacy of destruction. In a void that serves a nonconventional level of perception.

This is the Spatium as a detachment of an interval in a moment of glitch. Superposing architecture with a malfunctioning device to be surrounded with. Spatium defines the possibilities what these spaces can transform into for the audience that is given the opportunity to experience.

Performed at Taskisla Festival 17 in 13th May 2011. The work is a result of the one-week workshop ran by Refik Anadol with the students of the Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University.