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Team [visual] Sena Izgi, Emre Yazici, Isil Karabulut, Egemen Nardereli
[sound] Bor Pro, Onur Karaduman

Date May 18, 2012

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Breath is an architectural audio visual performance held in Bogazici University Albert Long Hall. Show was one of the activities during Sports Festival week of university. Albert Long Hall is one of the oldest and iconic building in the southern campus, mostly used for conferences, special meetings and rehearsal space for jazz band of university, so the story was specially designed to emphasize both its structure and usage.

Speaking of motion design, main idea behind the scenario was thinking about the architecture and structure of the building and visualising it using both 3d models and 2d techniques combined together. Since all the team members are architecture students, we started to tell the story of a building from very beginning, considering it as a human being, since its birth and growth and the emotional changes during the timeline. In each stage the perception of the building changes while sometimes just underlining little details of facade and sometimes making brutal deformations with stressing noises.

Visual design, motion design, sound design, final rendering, mapping works are done by a team of six Sena Izgi, Emre Yazici, Isil Karabulut, Egemen Nardereli, Bor Pro, Onur Karaduman and presented in May 18th evening at Bogazici University.